We have a vision

By 2050, the number of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease will have tripled, affecting a projected 13.8 million people in the US alone. Early detection of this horrible disease is crucial. We’re focused on a solution.

About Us

Optina Diagnostics specializes in the development of technology for early, non-invasive detection of disease via Retinal Deep Phenotyping. With a primary focus on the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, Optina addresses the pressing need of millions of patients worlwide suffering from memory loss.

Currently, the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s relies on a variety of neurobehavioral tests that are subjective, as well as PET scans that are both expensive and inconvenient. Optina aims to establish a New Paradigm in dementia care by reducing time to accurate diagnosis from years to a few months with unparalleled precision. All while providing a clear care path and broad access for patients.

The solution to a cure for Alzheimer’s begins with early detection. Optina is also at the forefront of patient access supporting the ability to recruit for clinical trials and further stratification.

The Optina Diagnostics retinal imaging test involves a scan of the retina, using equipment and techniques that are similar to the fundus photography already being used by eye specialists to diagnose retinal diseases.

In May 2019, Optina Diagnostics obtained Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA for its test for the detection of the likely PET amyloid status (Positive or Negative). Optina is uniquely positioned to deliver large value through this rapid and easily accessible Alzheimer disease detection platform.

Worldwide, nearly 44 million
people have Alzheimer’s or
a related dementia.

Our experts

Optina Diagnostics is made up of a driven and dynamic team of experts in the areas of business development, research, and finance.

David Lapointe, M. Sc.

President and CEO

Chantal Miklosi


Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, ing., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Claudia Chevrefils, ing., Ph.D.


Marie-Claude Marchand Bsc. MBA

Vice-President Business Development

Marie-Andrée Tremblay, ing.

Scientific Team

George Mallin, MSME, MBA

Product Manager

Gabriel Dignard

Scientist in image analysis

Sébastien Blais Ouellette, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Jean Daniel Arbour

Board of Directors