The experts

Optina Diagnostics is made up of a driven and dynamic team of experts in the areas of business development, research, and finance. As well, Optina Diagnositcs benefits from a strong Board of Directors by leveraging a combined depth of business acumen, medical experience, and technical expertise.

David Lapointe, M. Sc.

President and CEO

Vision and Leadership
An entrepreneur by nature with a keen eye for identifying opportunities, Mr. Lapointe boasts a proven capacity for combining his in-depth understanding of the market with the development of innovative technology. Results-oriented, his mission is to benefit the advancement of the healthcare industry with a ROI for stakeholders.

Chantal Miklosi


Finance and Growth
A hands-on financial executive with twenty years of experience, including corporate development, mergers and acquisitions, capital raising, and financial processes and analysis, Ms. Miklosi has a driven focus on the improvement of operational performance and value creation.

Jean-Philippe Sylvestre, ing., M.Sc., Ph.D.


Development and Optimization
Leading a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled researchers and developers in the process of achieving a breakthrough in Metabolic Hyperspectral Retinal Imaging, Mr. Sylvestre’s expertise lies in the application of physics and engineering to bring innovative solutions to the healthcare sector.

Claudia Chevrefils, ing., Ph.D.


Biomedical Engineer
An experienced biomedical engineer with an in-depth knowledge of image analysis, pattern recognition and machine learning, Ms. Chevrefils is recognized for her strong technical background and approach to developing high quality solutions in the medical imaging field.

Marie-Claude Marchand Bsc. MBA

Vice-President Business Development

Strategy and Growth

Ms Marchand is a senior sales & marketing leader driven by the passion for astute commercial strategy. In her previous roles, she was part of early on-set Companion Diagnostics and Precision Medicine paradigms which continue today to positively impact Health Care systems and patient journeys around the world.

With her international experience both in start-ups as well as large public corporations Marie-Claude is leading Optina’s business development efforts.

Marie-Andrée Tremblay, ing.

Scientific Team

Biological and Physiological Sciences
With a passion for natural sciences and the effects of environment on the human body, Ms. Tremblay holds a Bachelor’s degree in physical engineering, specializing in biomedical technologies.

George Mallin, MSME, MBA

Product Manager

Vision and Leadership
Focused on execution, Mr. Mallin combines his passion for medical device design and development with an acute sense of business acumen. Through the translation of clinical needs he aims to realize products that have an impact. Mr. Mallin brings a strong understanding of the regulatory environment, quality systems and the product development process to the team.

Gabriel Dignard

Scientist in image analysis

With a BSc. in Engineering Physics and a focus in biomedical, Mr. Dignard expresses an unparalleled dynamic and passion for new technologies. Applying his expertise in medical image analysis he dreams of improving healthcare and creating a better tomorrow.

Sébastien Blais Ouellette, Ph.D.

Board of Directors

Research and Development
Well versed in the field of medical research, Mr. Blais-Ouellette holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics, a M.Sc. in Subatomic Physics, and a B.Sc. in Physics. He is also President and CEO of a company that focuses on providing scientific imaging solutions.

Jean Daniel Arbour

Board of Directors

Mr. Arbour received his M.D. from the University of Montreal then interned in general surgery, specializing in ophthalmology before continuing his studies at Harvard University for medical and surgical retina training.