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Optina & Brain Health

Optina & Brain Health

Optina is transforming detection and understanding of memory loss by bringing cutting edge eye imagery and Artificial Intelligence at your local eye clinic.

We use the eye as a window into to the brain.

Our clinical studies are focused on understanding the relationship between changes in the retina, the innermost layer of tissue of the eye with brain characteristics as well as cognitive performance changes.

Join us on this exciting journey to provide a precise and earlier diagnosis, together we can make a difference!

Reasons to participate

We prepare a world where you and your family
will keep vivid memory of time shared together

65% of people
diagnosed with dementia over the age of 65 are women

The brain
is the most critical organ in the body but the least understood
Brain Canada

Only 16% of seniors
receive regular cognitive assessments
Alzheimer’s Association

747,000 Canadians are living with dementia,
44 million worldwide - a crisis that must be addressed

Reasons to participate

Our studies involve a standard eye exam and other types of tests.

At no cost to you, you will receive:

  • A comprehensive eye exam
  • A printable copy of your retinal image
  • Complete retinal data file for future reference
  • Cognitive evaluation may be provided according to the study protocol

Join our community and help advance science
Discover 1st hand the future of Brain Health technology to define new tests

Your time investment will ensure the field continues to progress for future generations

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